for the independent traveler by independent travelers


Colorful stories, images and travel tips from around the World – for the independent traveler by independent travelers.

This blog provides an independent view on travel – whether it is city hopping and visiting the highlights or more off the beaten path. It attempts to show glimpses of  our diverse worlds and to give practical first-hand advice and tips from travelers. Traveling, seeing, discovering – these are the most important moments of life. Start on this blog before you go. Enjoy your trip!

Dan in Old PortsmouthAbout me:

I have grown up on two continents and in several countries, so traveling was part of life since a very early age. Europe was the cradle, Australia was the hearth where dreamers and lost souls gathered. For many years it was always back and forth between the two, often stopping along the way for shorter or longer times. I have traveled in Asia, the Middle East and South-East Africa extensively, before moving back to Europe again. Between 2002 and 2006 I have worked as a freelance web designer in France and a few other European countries, then I left for Egypt where I lived for 4 years working for a EU project related to responsible tourism, safari and trekking. I am back in and rediscovering Europe again. These days I usually base myself in Austria or Hungary, but also spend times in France, the UK and the Sinai – and dream about other places. I am involved in a few web and other creative projects, focusing mostly on things which I like.

I will slowly add more images and stories from all the places I know, randomly from the past and as it happens along the way. Contributions from others are welcome as well – it’s a big world.


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