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Ederlezi – the Gypsy Spring Festival

Posted by dan on January 26, 2011

Scene from the film ‘Time of the Gypsies’. Click on link if video doesn’t play. The film was made into an opera and performed at the Milan Cathedral and Opéra Bastille in Paris. See scenes from the opera:

The Gypsy exodus is very beautifully presented in ‘Latcho Drom’, a film by Tony Gatlif. It shows the journey from India to Europe through music and images only, recorded in Roma  (Gypsy) communities in India, Egypt, Turkey, Romania, Hungary, Slovakia, France, and Spain.

Different in style and focus, ‘Time of the Gypsies’ by Emir Kusturica is another classic on the life of the Roma people. Set in Yougoslavia and Italy, it gives a good insight into petty crime and how the Gypsy are victimized by their own people. Music, composed by Goran Bregović and based on traditional Serbian Roma melodies, plays an important part in this film as well. A famous scene is the Spring festival of Ederlezi, also known as Đurđevdan.

About the festival:


About the films:

Latcho Drom:
Time of the Gypsies:

About the opera:

NY Times: Opera With Attitude, Guitars, and a Dose of Mayhem

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Clochard – Homeless in Europe

Posted by dan on December 2, 2010

Winter in a tent in Paris

Winter in a tent in Paris

You can see them in every big city, and Paris is not an exception. What is remarkable though is the tolerant French attitude – I’ve seen homeless at both major airports in Paris, in the metro, in the most elegant districts. And, probably as the result of this tolerant attitude, they are not aggressive or pushy, either you notice them or not, either you give something or not, either you care or not.

Winter came early this year and this will be another tough Christmas season for many.

“Six gymnasiums will provide emergency accommodation for the homeless as soon as the temperature falls below 10°C, adding 350 places to the 8,000 available throughout the year. Several other buildings will also be used as shelters.

Officials say that they still need to find another 13,000 places in the Ile de France region.

Each year 100 people die on the streets of the capital, according to city council employee Olga Trostiansky.”


See also: Homeless in Europe (FEANTSA)

Archimède, le clochard (1959)

Archimède, le clochard (1959)

“Bum Archimede wants to spend the winter in prison, but to get their proves not to be that easy.”

Archimède, le clochard (1959) – Film by Gilles Grangier
Starring Jean Gabin , who won the Silver Bear for Best Actor in the 9th Berlin International Film Festival for his role.

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