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Posted by dan on January 12, 2011

yes we can - no week end. Image: Marina Nacamuli

yes we can - no week end. Image: Marina Nacamuli

This is a new millennium and everything is possible. In the USA the president is of Afro-American origin – in France the president is the son of an Eastern-European emigrant. Welcome both. But their approach and agenda seems to be somewhat different…


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Wall art 2. – Australian graffiti

Posted by dan on December 11, 2010

These images of graffiti in Sydney were shot over a decade ago – I wonder how many of these are still left. Although bit overlapping, you can clearly see different styles – the classical murals of the 70s carrying a political message, the Aboriginal motifs, the jazzy, the hip hop, the trendy and the decorative ones. Art is not a crime – bad art is.

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Wall art 1. – graffiti in Paris

Posted by dan on December 11, 2010

French Graffiti - ParisMaybe a couple of months ago I saw a post on a forum, someone worring about the Marais area in Paris. She had a look on GoogleEarth Street View – a very useful tool – and saw there was graffiti in the Marais. There is graffiti everywhere, I can assure you, in every big city – but the thing is, some are inappropriate scribble on the wall, others are a form of urban street art. Although not considered as a true art form, Banksy is an important mile-stone in the evolution of graffiti and he has put it on the table of serious art critics. Following are a few shots of graffiti in Paris, obviously influenced by the work of Banksy, taken around the Bastille and Rue Mouffetard in the Latin Quarter.


Images of Banksy: http://www.go…A&biw=1126&bih=576

About Banksy:

Banksy website:

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