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Safety and security in Paris

Posted by dan on February 16, 2011

Paris - Army patrol in Montmartre

Army patrol in Paris - Montmartre

Paris is one of the safest big cities in Europe, or the world for that matter, violent crime is very rare. Pickpocketing and different scams are more common, but with a little common sense they are easily avoidable. In a world of global terrorism another worry for many visitors is security – especially with these occasional warnings issued time to time – as Paris is just as much a possible target as any other city. I personally think these threats are often exaggerated, but it is good to be vigilant. The French army has been patrolling the streets for many years and you can see them at major tourist sites, at stations, in the airports. The patrol always consists of three, often women amongst them. I met this patrol in Montmartre – one French guy, an African and an Arab. Since my Arabic is better than my French I talked to the soldier of Moroccan origin and asked if they would mind if I take a picture. They were all friendly and nice and happily posed for a shot.

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