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Australia – the Red Center

Posted by dan on January 25, 2011



The Ayers Rock, or Uluru as it is known today in the language of the traditional owners, is the symbol of Australia. It is a sacred place and visitors are discouraged to climb the rock to show respect, although it is not forbidden. Nice walks can be made around the base, where there are several ceremonial places. The Olgas, known as Katya Tutya, is a stunning range a bit further away from Uluru, which can be visited in a day from the small settlement at Uluru. Smaller in size but again a very powerful site, the Devil’s Marbles, or Karlu Karlu, is just off the main Darwin-Alice Springs highway. Camping is allowed in the area for a small fee (to be dropped in a locked box) and there are clean facilities. Even if you do not have your own transport, these places can be visited by coaches, they drop and pick up people at all important sites.

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Muddy water taking back the land

Posted by dan on January 10, 2011

It is very saddening to watch the news of the floods in Australia. While other people celebrated the new year around the world, residents of Queensland were left homeless in one of the worst disasters in Australian history. It’s been weeks now and it’s still not over, with more rains hitting the region. My heart goes out to all the victims of this – or any other – terrible natural disaster of which there are so many these days. Maybe they are the acts of God, but we are all responsible at least a little bit.

In the video images of the floods that stroke the city of Genova in the 70s.

Nick Cave: Muddy water

“Mary, grab the baby, the river’s rising
Muddy water taking back the land
The old-frame house, she can’t take-a one more beating
Ain’t no use to stay and make a stand

Well the morning light shows water in the valley
Daddy’s grave just went below the line
Things to say, you just can’t take em with ya
This flood will swallow all you’ve left behind

Won’t be back to start all over
Cause what I felt before is gone

Mary, take the child, the river’s rising
Muddy water taking back my home
The road is gone, there’s just one way to leave here
Turn my back on what I’ve left below
Shifting land, broken farms around me
Muddy water’s changing all I know

It’s hard to say just what I’m losing
Ain’t never felt so all alone

Mary, take the child, the river’s rising
Muddy water taking back my home

Won’t be back to start all over
Cause what I felt before is gone

Mary, take the child, the river’s rising
Muddy water’s changing all I know
Muddy water’s changing all I know
Lord, this muddy water is taking back my home.”

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Happy New Year

Posted by dan on December 31, 2010

The New Year has already started in Sydney with an extravagant fireworks display.

2010 NYE fireworks sydney

Sydney 2010, NYE fireworks. Image:

If I’m right the Sydney fireworks craze has started with the 2000 Olympics – I certainly remember NYE celebrations without any fireworks – and since then it became the biggest party in the world, with an estimated 1.5 million revellers on the streets and a billion people tuning in to watch the show on the screen.

Baywatch-themed cocktail party at the Opera Bar

“The best views will be had by those who queued for hours to take temporary possession of a prime piece of real estate at the Botanic Gardens, the Sydney Opera House and Circular Quay.

Some splurged up to $500 for a Baywatch-themed cocktail party at the Opera Bar where guests were being served drinks by waiters in swimming costumes.

‘This has got to be the best place to be in the world tonight,’ said Marc Wilson, 41, from Sydney.”

I personally would prefer a quieter place – and Sydney offers several good choices – but don’t want to argue with Marc. Different strokes for different folks – enjoy it and a Happy New Year!


In pictures: New year celebrations:


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Wall art 2. – Australian graffiti

Posted by dan on December 11, 2010

These images of graffiti in Sydney were shot over a decade ago – I wonder how many of these are still left. Although bit overlapping, you can clearly see different styles – the classical murals of the 70s carrying a political message, the Aboriginal motifs, the jazzy, the hip hop, the trendy and the decorative ones. Art is not a crime – bad art is.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

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Memory lane – Sydney photos

Posted by dan on November 12, 2010

Sydney, Australia

Match sticks in the Domain, close to Woolloomooloo

I have been away from Sydney for quite a while, almost a decade. Today I started sorting my old images and I found these shots which I took with my first digital camera, a Ricoh, in year 2000. This was when I started taking pictures more consciously, although I do have a good number of pics made before the digital age kicked in.  Time to time I will post some of the old images – not only from Australia but also from Asia, the Middle East, Africa, and of course Europe. Wherever it is relevant, there will be a story as well, at other times the pictures will talk for themselves.

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On the road again…

Posted by dan on November 9, 2010

Dan in Old PortsmouthAfter a 4-month break it was again time to go for a walkabout – first to one of my favorite locations, Paris, and then onto visiting friends in the UK. I’m staying in Portsmouth at the moment, but the plans don’t end here. Based mostly in Vienna these days, it won’t be difficult to revisit France, the UK, Italy, Spain or wherever I feel like to go – when I feel like to go.

Sitting in the harbour of Old Portsmouth from where the “first” Australians sailed out. The area reminds me of the Rocks and Circular Quay, and the striking modern structure of the Spinnaker Tower behind is like the Opera House in a way. Still, it is a long way from Sydney… and not even that close to Edinburgh. France, however, is just across the water.

Facts about Portsmouth

· Portsmouth is mentioned in the Domesday Book of 1090 detailing Bocheland (Buckland), Copenore (Copnor) and Frodentone (Fratton).

· In 1775 Captain Cook arrived in Portsmouth aboard the Endeavour after circumnavigating the world.

· In 1787 Captain Bligh of the Bounty set sail from Portsmouth.

· In 1787 the first fleet of transport taking convicts to Botany Bay left Portsmouth in HMS Sirius – and the following year set up the first colony in Australia.

· Southsea beach and Portsmouth Harbour were military embarkation points for the D-Day landings on June 6, 1944.

More info about the history of Portsmouth:

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