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Paris – Christmas colors

Posted by dan on December 21, 2010

Paris, just as every city in the Western world, is preparing for Christmas. With its markets, Christmas lights and decorations, busy department stores, shopping and fun, Paris is one of the most colorful cities.

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Snapshots – the Latin Quarter

Posted by dan on December 12, 2010

One of the liveliest neighborhoods, starting from the Seine opposite Ile de la Cite and the Notre Dame on the Left Bank. Many main sights are located here, including the Pantheon. The litle streets behind it are full of restaurants, cafés and bars, many open around the clock. Rue Mouffetard is famous for its open market. The Luxembourg Garden is between the Latin Quarter and the Saint Germain des Pres area.

Suggested hotel in the area:

Select Hotel Rive Gauche ***
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Wall art 1. – graffiti in Paris

Posted by dan on December 11, 2010

French Graffiti - ParisMaybe a couple of months ago I saw a post on a forum, someone worring about the Marais area in Paris. She had a look on GoogleEarth Street View – a very useful tool – and saw there was graffiti in the Marais. There is graffiti everywhere, I can assure you, in every big city – but the thing is, some are inappropriate scribble on the wall, others are a form of urban street art. Although not considered as a true art form, Banksy is an important mile-stone in the evolution of graffiti and he has put it on the table of serious art critics. Following are a few shots of graffiti in Paris, obviously influenced by the work of Banksy, taken around the Bastille and Rue Mouffetard in the Latin Quarter.


Images of Banksy: http://www.go…A&biw=1126&bih=576

About Banksy:

Banksy website:

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Snow in Paris

Posted by dan on December 2, 2010

Paris, Jardin du Luxembourg

Jardin du Luxembourg

It doesn’t snow much in Paris, and if it snows, it doesn’t remain long. Although I had been to Paris a few winters before, never saw the city in white. Just recently on a forum talking about the chances to witness snow in Paris, I said hopefully this time I can see it, fingers crossed. Since I made it on time to St. Pancras railway station and my Eurostar train wasn’t canceled either, I managed to make it back to Paris again – and there it was; snow as I wished for. Not as much as there were in previous winters I heard, but in life you have to be grateful for what you get. Here are a few glimpses of this event.

I am a bit skeptical about the accuracy of longer forecasts, but I even forget what they said a day or two before, so I cannot be sure. Anyway, it is good to have a rough idea as what to expect.

Travel Tip 10 day weather forecast for Paris (temperatures in Celsius):

10 day weather forecast for Paris (temperatures in Fahrenheit):

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