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Leaving Pompey

Posted by dan on December 1, 2010

The time has come, I had to leave Portsmouth again, and now for a longer time. I had to catch the Eurostar from London to Paris, but a sudden and unexpected snow fall almost canceled my trip. It was my mistake, I should have booked an earlier bus to allow more time in London – maybe it is not snow, but you never know; could be an accident on the motorway, a strike or anything else. The driver was unusually friendly and reassuring, and I did make it just about on time to St. Pancras. But there I found the train services were disrupted and my train was late. Every 10-15 minutes the loud-speakers announced that we can board in a couple of minutes drawing big laugh and applause from the audience cramped in the waiting area. I cannot complain, the Belgian train was several hours late already and we set off before them at 13:33 , instead of 12:29 as we were scheduled to. Crossing snow covered fields I didn’t know how lucky I was. Not only was there a snowy Paris waiting for me, but I could actually get there – many Eurostar services got canceled the following days and even air traffic was effected.

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Visiting Mont-Saint-Michel

Posted by dan on November 26, 2010

Mont Saint-Michel is the highlight of the region, but there is much more to see. The best way to visit the sights is definitely by car – this gives the flexibility and freedom to explore the area and stay wherever one decides to stay.

Organized tours are also a convenient way for getting to the main sights as you don’t have to worry about logistics in advance and worry if the trip will work out well.

You can rent a car and there are many tour operators in the regional cities, such as Cherbourg, Caen, Roscoff, St Malo, Bayeux or Rennes. You can get to these places by train within France and/or by ferry from the UK.

Although very infrequent, public transport is also an option, at least to some of the main sights such as Mont-Saint-Michel (MSM). You can arrange the tickets in advance for longer trips and you can take local services without  advance booking.

MSM can be connected to Paris using the combination of the TGV fast train and local buses. The whole trip can be booked online in advance on the or websites. For further info see blog post: SNCF – booking trains in France .

Visiting MSM from the coastal town of Saint-Malo, itself a worthy destination, is even simpler. Saint-Malo can be reached by TGV directly (SNCF – booking trains in France) or by ferry from the UK on the website. For further info see blog post: Brittany Ferries – crossing the Channel .

From Saint-Malo there are two buses a day to MSM, departing from the railway station (Gare TGV) at 9:40 and 16:30 – the bus also stops a few minutes later at the tourist information office (Saint-Vincent), which is 5 minutes walk from the ferry terminal. You have to change bus at Pontorson railway station but there are connecting buses. If you take the morning bus from Saint-Malo, you can get back the same day at 15:45 from MSM or 16:25 from Pontorson. If you take the afternoon bus, you can get back the following day at 9:20 from MSM or 9:55 from Pontorson. If time permitting, the overnight visit is better – you can see the mont at sunset, illuminated at night and early morning – the best colours and least crowds – and at different tides. There is a wide selection of accommodation in the area including MSM itself. The fare for the whole bus trip from/to Saint-Malo is 5.50 euro one way.

Travel TipBooking trains in France: or

Ferry from/to UK:

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The mega experience – long distance coaches in the UK

Posted by dan on November 20, 2010

Megabus and National Express coaches at Victoria Station, London

Megabus and National Express coaches at Victoria Station, London

When it comes to comfort, sleeper trains are the best option on long distances – as long as time and budget permit. Trains are not cheap in the UK although you can get better deals from National Rail if you book on-line and in advance. Flying is an option too with budget operators offering good rates (see blog post), but you have to take into account transfer times and costs as well. If time is not the biggest issue but budget is, long distance coaches are probably the best bet. The National Express service has one of the best networks in the UK, along with Greyhound, but probably Megabus is the cheapest on very long distances. Service, on all these coaches, is very much the same; grumpy drivers, long hauls without a stop (there is a toilet on the buses though) and possible traffic jams, but after all it is not that bad. And with rates such as 14 ponds for a London to Edinburgh journey, bought only a week in advance, I will certainly not complain.

Travel TipMegabus:

National Express:

Stagecoach Bus:


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Connecting Paris and London

Posted by dan on November 18, 2010

Paris and London are some of the highlights for many visitors to Europe, along with other popular destinations such as Rome, Barcelona, Edinburgh, Brussels, Amsterdam, Munich and Vienna. While most of these cities are some distance apart and it is more convenient to fly between them if someone is constrained by time, London and Paris can be easily connected by different means.

Budget flights: There is a number of budget airlines which offer very cheap rates, but considering the time and costs of transfers, probably the best way to connect Paris and London is by the Eurostar train service.
Travel TipMore info on budget flights: see blog post

Eurostar at St Pancras railway station

Eurostar at St Pancras railway station. Image: Oxyman, Wikipedia

Eurostar train: One of the easiest and fastest way to connect the two capitals is by the Eurostar train, which takes a little less than 2.5 hrs. The biggest advantage is that you can start in the center of one city, and arrive in the center in the other one (St. Pancrass station and Gare du Nord), saving you time and money. Considering transfer times and costs, it is very competitive – and probably better – than the budget flights. You have to book as early as you can to get the best rates, but making a test booking today for only one week ahead (November 25) I found the cheapest rate, for the early morning service, was £39.00 – not bad at all.

Travel TipCheck rates and book tickets:

About Eurostar:

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Euroline coach: Coach journeys tend to be more tiring than traveling by train, but this is not necessarily true for the Euroline coach. Although their buses are slower than the Eurostar train, you have the chance to get out on the ferry and breath some fresh air or have a drink in the bar. You will pass the White Cliffs of Dover, an impressive sight.

Travel TipCheck rates and book tickets:

Brittany Ferries, connecting the UK, Spain and France

A Brittany Ferry sailing out from Portsmouth, UK to France

Coach-ferry-train combo: This is the slowest and probably the most expensive of the options – but this is the most interesting and it can still be done fairly cheaply. From London you can take a coach or train to one of the port cities in the south – Portsmouth, Poole or Plymouth – and take the ferry from there to either Caen, Cherbourg, St Malo or Roscoff. An interesting route would be London to Portsmouth by train or coach – the closest destination to London – then a ferry to St. Malo, with a side trip by bus to Mont Saint-Michel, and then onto Paris by train.

Travel TipCheck rates and book tickets for the ferry:

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