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Wiener Christkindlmarkt – Christmas market in Vienna

Posted by dan on December 22, 2010

The Christmas market in Vienna – called Wiener Christkindlmarkt – is one of the most famous destinations during the winter festive season in Europe. With snow almost guaranteed, the capital city of Austria will not leave you disapointed if you are after a real winter experience. (Although this year Paris turned white as well and Rome had its cold days with fountains freezing.) There are several Christmas markets in Vienna, at Maria Theresien Platz or Karlskirche, but probably the best is at the Rathaus, the Townhall, on the Ring opposite the Burgtheater. Following are some images made yesterday.

A comprehensive listing of all important Christmas Markets in Vienna:


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Paris – Christmas colors

Posted by dan on December 21, 2010

Paris, just as every city in the Western world, is preparing for Christmas. With its markets, Christmas lights and decorations, busy department stores, shopping and fun, Paris is one of the most colorful cities.

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Snapshots – Christmas in Rome and the Vatican

Posted by dan on December 20, 2010

Vatican, Christmas tree at St. Peter's Basilica

Christmas tree at St. Peter's Basilica, Vatican

Christmas is one of the biggest Christian celebrations and people from all over the world flock to Rome and the Vatican during the festive season. Following are images of the Eternal City preparing for Christmas.

Not everybody is as fortunate as most of us reading this blog – many people will spend this Christmas out on the street in every European city. According to every major religion it is a duty to help those in need. See blog post: Clochard – Homeless in Europe

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Great gift ideas – Ferrari merchandise

Posted by dan on December 18, 2010

The smaller items such as watches, key rings, toy cars, ties or valets would make a good gift for people who like cars and car racing. If you are the Ferrari fan yourself, you could have a photo taken next to the F1 racing monster for 16 euros (A4 size). There is a whole range of other items, including bags, clothes, car accessories, even skis. Although a pair of Ferrari skis is not a guarantee that you will be the fastest on the slopes, you definitely will be one of the most stylish. You can also get the electronic two-wheeler gadget (sure there is a name for it – pls let me know) which could be useful getting around in the city. In many big cities, including Rome, you can hire them for sightseeing if you first want to have a go at it – not the Ferrari ones of course.

There are shops in the city – the pictured one is just off Via del Corso close to Piazza Augusto Imperatore – and also at the airport.

Ferrari merchandise official website:

See other great gift ideas:

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Great gift ideas – dictators and villains

Posted by dan on December 16, 2010

Probably not for everyone’s taste – but I am sure it is intended as a joke. It reflects the satirical Italian opinion about politics – that even though most people have moderate and tolerant views, as in any country, it has always been extreme forces that controlled world events.

Angelini – Liquor store on Via del Viminale, close to Teatro Dell’ Opera and Santa Maria Maggiore Basilica.

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Great gift ideas – bananaguard

Posted by dan on December 10, 2010

With Christmas only a few weeks away, everybody is thinking of some good gift ideas. Here is one great idea from the brochure of Brittany Ferries – probably aimed at British visitors, as they are used to get everything in plastic. In the supermarkets in the UK tomatoes, apples, bananas, potato etc come in beautiful plastic boxes, holding no more than 2 or 3 pieces. You find similar in other countries as well, but not to the same extent. The bottom line is, if you have a banana, you have to protect it.

Travel Tip “Protects your banana when you’re on the move! The best guard in glorious yellow!”
official website:

See other great gift ideas:

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Christmas season – Champs Elysees

Posted by dan on December 8, 2010

You can feel the Christmas vibe all around Paris, but the place to be, with its lively Christmas market, is on Champs Elysees. Lit up from Place de Concorde all the way to the Arc de Triopmphe, there are shops, buffets, carousels and fun rides, catering for all tastes and budget. Even if you are not a serious Christmas shopper, it is definitely worth to have a stroll down the famous boulevard.

Champs Elysees - Christmas lights, Paris

Champs Elysees - Christmas lights

Snapshots of Champs Elysees – all decorated and lively.

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Suggested hotels in the area:

Hotel Ampere ****
Official website:

Hotel Elysees Parc Monceau ***
Official website:

Hotel Elysee Etoile **
See blog post: Hotel Elysee Etoile – budget hotel at the Arc de Triomph
Official website:

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Snapshots – Rue Cler

Posted by dan on December 5, 2010

Market in Rue Cler, Paris

Chestnuts - Market in Rue Cler

Favorite of Rick Steves, Rue Cler itself and the area around it is a very charming Parisian district. Located between the Eiffel Tower and the Invalides, it is a convenient area to stay and visit many of the sights in Paris, but there is also plenty to see and do right in the neighborhood. Following are some images on a not too busy winter day.

“The market is at its best:
Tue–Sat 8:30–13:00 or 15:00–19:30,
Sun 8:30–12:00,
dead on Mon.”

“Rue Cler: The Art of Parisian Living”, by Rick Steves:

Suggested hotel in the area:

Hotel de l’Alma ***
See blog post: Hotel de l’Alma – good choice near Rue Cler and ET
Official website:



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A tranquil spot in an elegant neighborhood

Posted by dan on November 21, 2010

Located close to the upper gate of Monceau Park (the Rotunda), Hotel Elysees Parc Monceau is in an ideal location for those who like to enjoy Paris at a slower rate. With Champs Elysees and the Arc de Triomphe only a short walk away, this is an elegant and charming Parisian neighborhood – green streets and parks, simple and upmarket shops, cafes and restaurants. Hotel Elysees Parc Monceau, as the name suggests, is just around the corner from the tranquil park, a great location for all ages. Located in a smaller street, traffic noise is not a concern either. The hotel is a simple 3-star hotel – a bit of old fashioned elegance with a touch of the contemporary. The lounge area is nicely done, the rooms are good but nothing fancy. The breakfast room certainly has a beautiful character. All in all, it is worth the money, especially if you can get a good deal as it is often the case.

Hotel Elysées Parc Monceau ***
38, rue Cardinet – 75017 Paris France
Tel. +33 (0) 1 47 63 88 60
Official site:

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