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Beit beit, dar dar, zanga zanga

Posted by dan on April 14, 2011

The video might be, but otherwise it is not funny… we will see, isa.

Text translated:


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Popolo go home – business as usual

Posted by dan on December 16, 2010

Cafes and restaurants in Rome

Cafes and restaurants

Walking around the center of the city the day after the protest, it was the normal Rome in a Christmas mood. Everything was open, damages repaired, locals and tourists strolling around, shopping, sitting in cafes and restaurants. If you didn’t look for it, you could hardly find any evidence of the events of the previous day. A little event however showed how much the community is divided – the fire brigade were holding a protest in front of the Parliament, joining the tens of thousands a day after the main protest. The very same people who were putting out the fires, they are surely not on the side of the trouble makers. No cordons, no heavy police presence this time – although they seemed angry, they were just as peaceful as most of the demonstrators a day before.

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Avanti popolo – business as usual

Posted by dan on December 15, 2010

At Piazza del Popolo things weren't that peaceful

At Piazza del Popolo things weren't that peaceful

I didn’t know about the protests in Rome – but walking around the city it became obvious something was happening. Groups of students, leftists and other activists were gathering at the main squares and there was a very heavy police presence in some parts of the center with some streets closed off. I was told the following day everything would be back to normal and you can walk around freely in the center, so I headed for the Vatican and Prati. Coming back from Prati, however, I got right into the action at Piazza del Popolo – even though this is exactly what I wanted to avoid. After seeing the turmoil I just left the scene and walked over to Piazza Navona. Business there, as well as at other tourist areas like the Pantheon or the Spanish Steps, was just as usual; Christmas market and shoppers, carousels and kids, tourists enjoying themselves. So apart from a few isolated incidents, Rome was pretty much the normal city one was expecting.

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