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Great gift ideas – Ferrari merchandise

Posted by dan on December 18, 2010

The smaller items such as watches, key rings, toy cars, ties or valets would make a good gift for people who like cars and car racing. If you are the Ferrari fan yourself, you could have a photo taken next to the F1 racing monster for 16 euros (A4 size). There is a whole range of other items, including bags, clothes, car accessories, even skis. Although a pair of Ferrari skis is not a guarantee that you will be the fastest on the slopes, you definitely will be one of the most stylish. You can also get the electronic two-wheeler gadget (sure there is a name for it – pls let me know) which could be useful getting around in the city. In many big cities, including Rome, you can hire them for sightseeing if you first want to have a go at it – not the Ferrari ones of course.

There are shops in the city – the pictured one is just off Via del Corso close to Piazza Augusto Imperatore – and also at the airport.

Ferrari merchandise official website:

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