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Avanti popolo – business as usual

Posted by dan on December 15, 2010

At Piazza del Popolo things weren't that peaceful

At Piazza del Popolo things weren't that peaceful

I didn’t know about the protests in Rome – but walking around the city it became obvious something was happening. Groups of students, leftists and other activists were gathering at the main squares and there was a very heavy police presence in some parts of the center with some streets closed off. I was told the following day everything would be back to normal and you can walk around freely in the center, so I headed for the Vatican and Prati. Coming back from Prati, however, I got right into the action at Piazza del Popolo – even though this is exactly what I wanted to avoid. After seeing the turmoil I just left the scene and walked over to Piazza Navona. Business there, as well as at other tourist areas like the Pantheon or the Spanish Steps, was just as usual; Christmas market and shoppers, carousels and kids, tourists enjoying themselves. So apart from a few isolated incidents, Rome was pretty much the normal city one was expecting.

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