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TA reviews – advice for hoteliers

Posted by dan on December 7, 2010

I used to travel and book hotel rooms without checking reviews and I almost never had any problems. There are good guide books I trust and I am probably not a fussy traveler anyway. However, looking up reviews recently of some hotels I know, I just couldn’t believe some of the posts – had I read those posts before I wouldn’t have stayed in the particular hotel. Maybe a personal revenge due to unrealistic expectations, a misunderstanding or bad luck, or even campaign by unethical competitors, these negative reviews can do a lot of damage to a hotel. So what can a hotel do if this happens? I just found an interesting article, titled “Top tips for hotels when responding to reviews on TripAdvisor” by Brian Payea, head of industry relations at TripAdvisor. The bottom line is, if there is a review which you think is not fair, do respond – don’t let it affect your good name. And as for customers, if you have any problems, discuss it with the hotel staff, if necessary with the manager, before you write something really bad. Most often there is a solution.

Top tips for hotels when responding to reviews on TripAdvisor:


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