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Leaving Pompey

Posted by dan on December 1, 2010

The time has come, I had to leave Portsmouth again, and now for a longer time. I had to catch the Eurostar from London to Paris, but a sudden and unexpected snow fall almost canceled my trip. It was my mistake, I should have booked an earlier bus to allow more time in London – maybe it is not snow, but you never know; could be an accident on the motorway, a strike or anything else. The driver was unusually friendly and reassuring, and I did make it just about on time to St. Pancras. But there I found the train services were disrupted and my train was late. Every 10-15 minutes the loud-speakers announced that we can board in a couple of minutes drawing big laugh and applause from the audience cramped in the waiting area. I cannot complain, the Belgian train was several hours late already and we set off before them at 13:33 , instead of 12:29 as we were scheduled to. Crossing snow covered fields I didn’t know how lucky I was. Not only was there a snowy Paris waiting for me, but I could actually get there – many Eurostar services got canceled the following days and even air traffic was effected.


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