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Grinzing – a spritz for the road

Posted by dan on November 13, 2010

Grinzing is a green suburb of Vienna on the northwestern edge, with old buildings, vineyards and wine cellars dating back to the early 1000s.

I started my recent trip from Vienna, first flying to Paris and then carrying on to the UK where I am at the moment. Apart from a few fixed points I have no concrete plans and itinerary – as it is often the case – except that I want to be back before Christmas. It is not such a long trip and no farewells are needed –  still, it was good to catch up with some of my family. We decided to visit Grinzing and have lunch in an old ‘Heurige’ – a traditional winery/restaurant. Although summer is the most popular time to visit when you can sit outside in the gardens and there is live music, an autumn day has its advantages too. The Heurigen weren’t empty, but they weren’t full either and it was mostly a local crowd. We had a nice hearty meal, washing it down with a few glasses of ‘spritz’ – wine with soda water.

Travel TipTransport: The area can be easily reached from the center by taking the U4 underground to Heillegenstadt and then bus number 38A to Grinzing.


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